Main Types of Sterilizer Door for Laboratory

Sterilizer door is one of the most important machinery for office, fabric, and laboratory needs. There are many substances and other things which are need to be sterilized and kept safe indeed. Mostly if those substances are pollutant enough you cannot just keep it anywhere you want. Besides, it is basically also all about the effectiveness and efficiency. There are some kinds of sterilizer door offered outside of course. Sure, the way of selecting one of them must be depending on the needs. However, before starting to pick out and eve install it, it is much better to know more about them along with the characteristics ad advantages offered.

Vertical Rising Door

From some kinds of sterilizer door packing you may already see, this one is probably the most well-known and commonly used. The design tends to be more ideal for new building and construction. It is based on the fact that the space is already planned. The benefit of implementing the sterilizer with vertical rising door is the fact that it requires less square footage. In short it results significantly smaller pit size. The design is available in almost all providers including sterilizer door Wang Yuen.

When the door is lowered into the position compressed air will automatically be applied behind the sterilizer door gasket. The air pushes and against a machined sealing surface to create the seal.

Horizontal Sliding Door

The door is basically almost similar with the vertical ones. What makes it a little bit different despite the door position is the usage. If sterilizer with vertical door is more suitable for new construction, therefore, the horizontal door is more flexible. It means it can be installed well in an old building without damaging the construction.

As the door is moved from left to right, the pushing from the air is not as strong as the vertical door. However, it is still able to create seal automatically.

Hinged Door Design

Hinged door design is like a must in the laboratory. The size is indeed much smaller than other door ideas. What makes it really needed and important is regarding is flexibility. Well, hinged sterilized door can be moved easily. You can even call it moving sterilizer door. The shape which looks like simple and small cabinets however makes it quite difficult to load too many things at once. Therefore, this kind of sterilizer door is better only for transportation.

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