The Benefits of Air Separator System in Palm Oil Industry

Air separator system is such an innovative separation system in term of palm oil milling industry. The work of such a machine is actually really unique. It is due to the application of two-phase separation system that enables the owner to get the best result. There are some things which are eliminated during the process. The first is shell cyclone and another one is kernel loss. Another benefit is that it can stabilize the terminal air velocity and produce more precise control. It is not surprising that the desired result can be achieved more easily.

The principle of air separator is based on the theory of pneumatic air separation. In the method, materials with different density are separated into some parts they are the heavier and lighter parts.

Other Modules

Air separator is not the only idea which adapts such an operating system. In industrial world, those kinds of machines are really common to be used. One of them is the nut fibre separator. What is that? It is basically functioned to separate fibre and nuts commonly from pressed cakes in the cake breaker conveyor. The similar case is regarding the palm nut fiber separator. Well, to have a high-qualified palm oil, this process really must be done.

So, what else? In the industry, nut stone separation is also recognized. Similar with its friends mentioned above, the separator is basically used to separate nuts and unexpected stones brought from the harvesting process.

Other separation process in palm oil milling is known as cracked mixture separation. The process separates light shells and whole kernels from cracked mixture. The device used in the process is namely cracked mixture separator.


All of those separation systems give the producers more benefits. Although some of them may still prefer using manual process such a technology is proven to be more beneficial and helpful.

1.             Simple Design and Construction

Remembering the more benefits followed it is really reasonable if the air separator along with the modules is well-made with complex construction. Surprisingly, it is not that complicated. The design is quite simple with compact construction to make it easy to move. It is even enclosed the system of re-circulating.

2.             Easy Installation

The process of installation is quite easy and simple. It is particularly if you already have the existing system.

3.             Separation Improvement

The machine system is really efficient during the production process. You should not worry if the separation is not done well. It also enables you to take control during the operation. If you find out any result which is most satisfying you can start to repeat the whole process.

4.             Saving More Space

Like it has been said before, the construction is quite simple. More than that, it will also not take too much space. So, if you have any problem with such a narrow production area, you should not worry that much.

5.             Low Maintenance Cost

This is a common problem in the industry. Sometimes, the maintenance of tools and devices are really high so that you need to press the production cost. It seems that the air separator can help you more. Why? Because its maintenance is minimum and only regular cleaning is required.

6.             Power Saving

Being compared to other machines and devices used in such industries, the energy used tends to be less. Even it can save power up to 30% than the others.

7.             Automation

System can be upgraded automatically. It is basically connected digitally to make it much easier to operate and access. It doesn’t mean you will need to hire an IT expert for this. Anything provided in the air separator can simply learnt yourself.

the Benefits of Air Separator System in Palm Oil Industry
Air Separator

Air Separator System in Palm Oil Industry

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