Things to Know about Nozzle Separator

Whether for industrial needs or not, people may always look for nozzle separator price in order to find the cheapest one. Of course, it is important to know. However, if you notice it well the quality of product must be in line with the price. It is also by seeing the fact that it is actually really advantageous. Even if you only want to make cakes, cookies, and other bakery products for your family, it is not bad to provide this tool. Therefore your work is getting much easier with more satisfying result.

The works

Nozzle separator or we commonly also call it as nozzle centrifuge is used to clarify liquids while concentrating solids. Those concentrated solids are discharged through nozzle continuously. Liquid which is already clarified is also discharged by the available built-in centripetal pump. The centripetal pump itself works like a small gravity within the machine. If the solid concentration is up to around 70% by the whole volume, it is ready to obtain.

Types of Separation

Nozzle centrifuge or separator is designed with liquid-based applications. The centrifugal force is for separating suspensions consisting of two or more materials with different densities. They are used for liquid-liquid separation, liquid-solid separation, and liquid-liquid-solid separation. Even if the materials have more than three substances at once it is possible for the nozzle to separate them.

In general, the separator itself has some disks or annular bowls which operate continuously. The operation is for discharging the liquid phases. However, there are some types of separator disks which can be stopped in the middle. If you have this one, while it is stopping you can remove or separate the solid substances yourself using hands.


For bakery industry nozzle centrifuge is very beneficial. It is mainly to produce yeast and other ingredients to enlarge the product. However, the nozzle used is usually different from one to another depending on what kind of food industry we build. It is so good particularly for food industry which needs any fermentation process. It is due to the high flexibility of centrifuges to make cheese and yoghurt softer and more versatile.

Another industry whether it is large-scale or homemade is the chemical, pharmacy or even mining industry. As an example, it is good to separate the substances in palm oil milling and also crude oil.

Producers and Stations

Nowadays it is not that difficult to find out any fabrics or even distributors which provide the nozzle centrifuges. You can even buy or order it online like via nozzle centrifuge Alfa Laval or nozzle centrifuge Westfalia. Sure, you have to make sure whether the product you will buy is qualified or not. It is by remembering that you will use it for longer time. Again, the main purposes why you need the nozzle should also be considered. In fact, nozzle centrifuges for bakery basically have different construction from them made for pharmacy or mining purposes. It is okay if the nozzle separator price is higher as long as it is suitable with your needs.

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